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Buck(car chargers)
AAP6032A Application

  Wide 9.5V to 40V Input Voltage Range
  Capable of Delivering 3A Output Current
  High Efficiency : Up to 94%
  Programmable Current Limit From 1.5A to 3A

  Programmable  Output OVP
  Output Cable Compensation
  CC/CV Control, CC Control Accuracy +/-4%
  125kHz Switching Frequency
  Internal Soft-start
  Thermal shutdown , UVLO , Output Circuit Short  Protection
  Good EMI Performance

Refer Circuit

PCB Layout

Parameter Setting

1.Setting output voltage :R3=R4(VOUT/0.8V-1)

2.Setting CC Current:ICC=78.6mV/RCS

3.Setting OVP Threshold :VOVP Threshold=VOVP(1+R5/R6)

4.Output Cable Compensation,Setting by Resistor Value between VOUT and FB.Reference the following Curve: