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Buck(car chargers)
AAP6010A Application--QC 3.0 Solution

  Wide 7.5V to 40V Input Voltage Range
  Integrated High Side PMOS and Low Side NMOS
  Up to 3.5A Output Current , High Efficiency Up to 93% ( at 5V/3.4A)
  0.8V reference with +/- 1.5% accuracy
  Integrated OVP Protection (Threshold: 125%*VOUT)
  FB Resistance Short Protection
  Duty Cycle Range (0~100%)
  CC/CV Control, CC Control Accuracy +/-4%
  Nearly Zero Input Current at Output Over Current Protection , Output Under- Voltage Protection , Output Short
  Programmable Output Cable Compensation
  Fixed 125kHz Switching Frequency
  Available in SOP-8 Package

Refer  Circuit---- QC 3.0 Solution

Schematics Notice : 
1、A 0.1uF X7R MLCC Decoupling capacitors is necessary  for input  CAP.
2、RC Snubber (RES.:1ohm, MLCC: 3.3nF) is necessary ,Placed at phase node

Refer  PCB Layout ----- QC 3.0 Solution

Layout Notice : 
Place 0.1uF X7R MLCC Decoupling capacitors as close to the IC as possible
Place RC Snubber (RES.:1ohm, MLCC: 3.3nF) as close to the IC phase node as possible
EMI Performance (Horizontal test)

EMI Performance   (Vertical test)